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Starnes Davis Florie LLP is a firm of real trial lawyers focused on obtaining the highest value for its clients. While the firm is one of the most experienced in complex litigation in the Southeast and vigorously contests courtroom battles in bet-the-company cases, it also understands that value means more than just winning verdicts. With a lean structure designed to deliver top shelf advice in a cost-effective way, Starnes provides real value by collaborating with its clients to accomplish their goals and enhance their bottom-line.


The firm continues to be recognized by colleagues and institutions across the Southeast:

Chambers USA is an independent guide to the legal profession that rates law firms and attorneys across the nation through in-depth client interviews. Chambers USA has endorsed Starnes Davis Florie, proclaiming, "This is a premier litigation firm. It is all they do and they do it very well."

Alternative Fee Arrangements

Since its inception, Starnes Davis Florie has embraced opportunities to collaborate with clients in an effort to deliver maximum value for each legal dollar. The firm understands that businesses build profits not just by earning, but also by saving. Each client's needs are different. Some cases require a uniquely studied approach every step of the way. However, many kinds of cases--even allowing for individual variations--can be handled with efficiency and a modicum of predictability. With all legal matters, the firm works with clients in defining goals and attaining them.

If clients are interested in discussing whether an alternative to hourly billing might be appropriate, the firm welcomes the discussion. Alternative fee arrangements may include discounted or blended hourly rates, fixed a/k/a flat fees, and bonuses, caps, or collars. Alternatives can also be mixed-and-matched--for example, by phase of proceeding, by type of case, by time-period, or by geographical area--to create hybrid arrangements and further customized in any number of ways. The creative possibilities for the design of fee arrangements is limited only by practicality. Every client the firm represents receives individualized attention and tailored treatment to maximize efficiency and value.

We hope that you will favor us with the opportunity to discuss how your legal needs can best, and most economically, be fulfilled.


Starnes Davis Florie has a longstanding commitment to diversity, and appreciates the range of perspectives that a diverse workplace provides. The firm attracts, retains, and promotes attorneys and staff of varying backgrounds regardless of gender, race, ethnicity, national origin, age, religion, or disability. To ensure that commitment to diversity, Starnes Davis Florie continues to evaluate and implement initiatives that enhance the firm's diversity.

Pro Bono

From a firm-sponsored innovative program to provide advisory council to young defendants to voluntary representation of indigent clients, our attorneys actively give of their time in service.

Health & Wellness

In 2013, Starnes Davis Florie formed a health & wellness program as a benefit for its employees. The firm formed a Health & Wellness Committee to brainstorm and evaluate these programs on a quarterly basis.