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False Claims Act / Qui Tam Litigation


The False Claims Act (“FCA”) is a legal tool for fighting fraud on the federal government and is also known as the “qui tam” law because certain provisions allow private citizens, including “whistleblowers,” to sue on the government’s behalf as “relators” and to collect a percentage of amounts received as a reward.  False Claims Act/qui tam cases can be genuine “bet the company” cases because they raise questions about the accused’s integrity and goodwill and cast doubt on operational and managerial competence.  A person or entity who contracts directly or indirectly with the United States government or with a state government (if the United States provides any portion of the money or property) and is paid or receives property may be liable for penalties of $5,500 to $11,00 per false claim, treble damages (three times the amount of the government’s loss), and attorney’s fees. 

Starnes Davis Florie will assemble a custom-tailored team of lawyers to defend your FCA/qui tam case—whether it arises in the healthcare, securities, defense contracting, labor, occupational safety, construction, energy, or environmental context.  Because we regularly conduct internal investigations and respond to governmental investigations and actually try cases, we are well positioned to defend FCA claims as well as whistleblower retaliation suits and federal contracting exclusion proceedings, including suspensions and debarment.  Indeed, FCA/qui tam claims typically arise in the very defense practice areas where our firm’s traditional strengths are found, and, as a result, we can offer you experienced representation from the inception of your matter. 

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