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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What kinds of professional development and training programs does the firm offer?
    Starnes takes great pride in training its associates to become great lawyers. The firm employs a mentoring system to train associates in every aspect of the law. Each new associate had a mentoring partner that provides day-to-day training and aids in the development of the skills necessary to become a great lawyer. The firm also provides its lawyers with many innovative training and development opportunities through in-house training seminars.
  2. What are Starnes Davis Florie’s Efforts in Diversity?
    The firm is highly committed to diversity. We continue to build an inclusive culture and work environment by actively recruiting, mentoring and promoting our divers lawyers. In addition, we have numerous internal and external initiatives focused on diversity and work/life balance.
  3. What is the firm’s stance on Pro Bono work?
    Starnes views pro bono work as a duty and an honor, and we encourage associates to become involved in the issues and causes that matter the most to them. Pro bono work is valued equally with time spent on billable matters.
  4. How is work assigned to an associate at Starnes Davis Florie?
    A former justice of the Alabama Supreme Court once noted that every great trial lawyer was trained by another great trial lawyer. For that very reason, our firm employs a system where our associates are given the opportunity to train with some of the most experienced trial lawyers in the country. Unlike the pool system used by some firms, an associate at Starnes works with a mentoring partner on specific cases from start to finish. We believe that this mentoring system is the best way to train associates to become great lawyers. By working hand-in-hand with a mentoring partner, the associate will learn the art of litigating a case from the filing of the complaint through any appeal.
  5. How many attorneys are employed by Starnes Davis Florie?
    The firm has over 60 attorneys, more than 40 of which are partners.
  6. What is the firm's policy on judicial clerkships?
    We believe that judicial clerkships offer an invaluable experience and we actively encourage our summer associates to pursue them. Many of our current lawyers have clerked for federal or state judges, and have found the insight and experience to be extremely helpful in their practice.