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Mentoring & Career Development

Our goal for every new lawyer we hire is that they grow and develop professionally and become a productive partner in our firm. The engine behind this development is our commitment to mentoring. As a new lawyer you will work side-by-side with a partner learning how to litigate a case from start to finish. Our career development is based on hands-on training where you learn by actually participating in the litigation process. You will go to court. You will take depositions. You will examine witnesses. You will argue motions. You will talk to clients. And your mentoring partner will be there to provide advice and encouragement and aid your development as a lawyer. At the end of this process, our hope is that you will have developed not just enough to become a partner, but also to become a mentor and provide the same training to a new associate.

In addition to our one-on-one mentoring, we also provide other tools to aid in your career development. All new associates attend an orientation where they participate in training sessions focused on the basic litigation skills and professionalism in the practice of law.

We also have periodic training for all lawyers which include some of the following:

  • Pro Bono Opportunities
  • Ethics and Professionalism
  • Effective Communication to a Jury
  • Negotiation Skills in Mediations and Settlement Discussions
  • Persuasive Errors at Trial
  • Organization, Time Management, and Timekeeping
  • Business Development

We also focus on career evaluation and planning. From your first day here, we will help you develop your professional skills and help you chart your own career path. In addition to the daily interaction with your mentor, we will help you achieve your career path by developing personalized and specific professional goals and experience.

We will have an open dialogue with you about your progress and will do our best to help you achieve your goals.