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Summer Associate Program

Our summer associate program is the primary source for associate hiring new lawyers. The focus of the program is giving law students an unvarnished view of the legal practice. The firm offers a unique opportunity for law students to do much more than legal research and writing. Summer Associates view the litigation process first-hand by accompanying attorneys out of the office to attend activities such as meetings with witnesses, depositions, hearings, and trials. The firm also presents a firm-wide training session during the summers with instructions from top trial lawyers, as well as outside speakers and judges. The law students also attend weekly small group discussions where firm attorneys provide guidance on the art of litigation.

The firm is founded on a mentoring system where each new associate is partnered with a senior attorney who offers guidance and training. Likewise, each summer associate is assigned mentors to advise and assist him or her during the summer. These mentors are a valuable source of information on the summer program, the firm, and the summer associates’ ultimate decision on their careers.

Projects assigned to summer associates vary, but typically range from short research projects and preparation of memoranda of law to more extensive research projects and assisting attorneys in preparation of legal briefs. The firm’s diverse clientele allows for a wide range of assignments and numerous different activities outside of the office.

Starnes Davis Florie’s summer program incorporates a variety of social events which provide an opportunity for summer associates to get to know the attorneys and their families in an informal setting.

Summer Associate Program FAQ