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SDF Attorneys Piggott and Presley Obtain Complete Summary Judgment in a Case Alleging Violations of 42 USC 1981, Title VII and the FMLA

Phil Piggott and Ben Presley obtained complete summary judgment in a case alleging violations of 42 USC 1981, Title VII and the FMLA. The plaintiff, a licensed practical nurse, was terminated by the defendant after a patient submitted a grievance stating that the plaintiff had failed to provide him with medical treatment.  The plaintiff subsequently filed suit, alleging that she was terminated due to her race and her complaints regarding alleged racial harassment by coworkers in violation of 42 USC 1981 and Title VII.  The plaintiff also alleged that she had been terminated in retaliation for taking FMLA leave.  The Middle District of Alabama granted full summary judgment in Defendant's favor, finding that the plaintiff had failed to create a genuine issue of material fact with respect to the defendant's stated reasons for her termination.

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