Health & Wellness

In 2013, Starnes Davis Florie formed a health & wellness program as a benefit for its employees. The firm formed a Health & Wellness Committee to brainstorm and evaluate these programs on a quarterly basis. Within this program, the firm focuses on a variety of incentive based components, including the following:

  • Nutrition presentations and one-on-one private sessions with Fuel + Fitness
  • 5K and 10K training with Resolute Running
  • Daily access to a fully equipped gym location in the firm’s building
  • Discounts on personal training with The Rock Xpress and fitness classes within the building’s gym
  • Healthy vending machine options through Avenue C
  • Annual health screenings through registered nurses and physicians
  • Various step and fitness competitions
  • Reimbursements for competing in up to four races per year
  • Firm sponsorships and team participation in various charitable races throughout the year
  • Motivational, Spiritual, and Stress-Relieving presentations
  • Occupational equipment provided in the workplace (i.e. sitting balls, standing desks, comfortable chairs, etc.)
  • Blood pressure boot camp sessions by a registered nurse